Mr. Snappy's ridiculous Garden

SagaRSagaR Posts: 173 ✭✭✭
I got Mr Snappy back today. Had not seen him for months and months. I thought they had killed off the stupid crocodile, which would have been very welcome indeed. Has there ever been more meagre, sucky and pointless way to earn boosters? I mean, 12 levels for one measly striped and wrapped or colour bomb? An absolutely insane 32 levels for one hammer or hand switch? Talk about being stingy. No wonder King has removed the Candy Quest and replaced it with this monstrosity; as I stated before they realized that the Candy Quest was a way too generous gift to the players. They were able to earn boosters very easily and that of course is something best avoided. Ok, some of the quests were ridiculously easy I admit, but maybe there could be some middle ground between ridiculously easy and just plain ridiculous?


  • KhaosKhaos Posts: 527 ✭✭✭✭✭

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