Candy Crush Saga 4655 Mislabeled As Easy When It Should Have Been Nightmarishly Hard

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This level stripped down my Booster Bot in the Build-A-Bot Challenge.
This was the most ridiculous and heart breaking level. I eventually
completed this with just 1 Color Bomb Booster left in my Pre-Play
Booster Option and 1 Lollipop Hammer left in my Booster Stash.

This Level is mislabeled as easy. This should have been considered Nightmarishly Hard
because of the presence of the Ticking Number #5 Bombs and the amount that need to be
collected: 500 of these to be exact. At the same time,160 Fish should be unleashed and
collected under the 5 buoys at the bottom of the board. The best way to complete this level 
is to
create Powerful Candy Combinations of Striped + Wrapped, Striped + Color Bomb,
Wrapped + Color Bomb or
Wrapped + Wrapped on top of the Candy Cane Wall right
above the buoys to make sure that these get hit the hardest,
unleashing the fish in
abundance underneath.
 The more fish that get released under the buoys, the faster the
Bombs get collected as they are nibbled by these. You also get to collect the fish in the
process. In my opinion, Color Bomb + Wrapped and Wrapped + Wrapped
Combinations are the most effective way of completing this level.

Candy Crush Saga 4655   |   1-Star⭐   |   Episode Ender
GOAL: Collect All Orders! 500 Number Ticking Bombs & 160 Fish In 25 Moves.
Date Played & Recorded: July 20, 2019
Device & Version: iPhone 6+ iOS Candy Crush Saga App

Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times and good times.
If you are going through hard times, have faith that good times are on the way.

From Star Wars Episode IX Teaser.
(Converted from MP4 to GIF Format by: mercerik)

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