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Candy Crush 4879

Glen_Robins Posts: 56 Level 3
I cannot complete level 4879, I am having difficulty working out the colours beneath the ice blocks so cannot make special candies to complete the level!  Why is it so hard to see the colours beneath the blocks? I haven't encountered this problem before on other levels !!


  • RumellKhan123
    RumellKhan123 Posts: 201 Level 3
    Good luck with the game. Could you provide a screenshot of the game it would be helpful? I don't think most people will know what the solution will be since the game is unpredictable.
  • bearwithme
    bearwithme Posts: 15,708 Candy Moderator
    @Glen_Robins - it is harder to see under the ice because they have added a second layer of ice to a lot of the squares since this is considered a hard level.  If you look very carefully you should be able to see where any Color Bombs, wraps and stripes are.  If you have a full build a bot or space dash - I try to reset the board until I at least can get a CB wrap combo (a dual CB of course is best)- even if one of them is under the ice because you can match anything that is next to a cb (even if it is under the ice).  Obviously you want to break up the ice a soon as possible - especially the center dispenser because that will drop wraps which will definitely help you clear the board.  Of course the icing blockers don't help, which is why a CB/wrap combo is very helpful if you can get one. 

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