Fantastic Five: Didn't get my rewards

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Just completed a Fantastic Five cycle and it says "Claim". When I clicked on "Claim", it rewarded me with a set of boosters. However, when I checked my inventory/ backpack, there were no boosters awarded, not even the timed ones. It happened once in the past as well.
The notification to claim boosters popped up two hours ago but I did not click on "claim" it at that time because I was rushing off for a prior engagement. When I was finally free to play and clicked "claim", I lost all my boosters.
My question is, can't I delay in collecting the boosters as not everyone has the time to play Candy Crush all day long continuously? It seems unfair and such a waste of effort and time to reach 5000 only to lose it all because one cannot utilise the boosters (especially timed ones) immediately (when Candy Crush notifies me of the reward). Can someone please help clarify (as I am relatively new to this) and help me get back my lost boosters, if possible. Thanks in advance, everyone. 


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    Hello @kaynines and welcome to our community.  I can certainly understand your frustration especially since one of the boosters at the final level is a UFO.  You should still be able to collect the boosters even if it has been a few hours.  You don't by any chance play on more than one platform do you?  I play on a phone and a tablet and I have noticed that it will only let the rewards go into one of the device's backpack - even though on the other device it shows I successfully passed a milestone and can 'claim' the reward.  However when I look in my backpack - the boosters aren't there.

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  • kaynineskaynines Posts: 8
    Hi @bearwithme. I only play on my android phone. This is the 2nd time it has happened (although the first time wasn't with Fantastic Five but with another event, I can't remember which). Sigh! 
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 3,296 Superstar
    @kaynines it sounds like it may have been a temporary glitch. Please let me know if it keeps happening and we’ll see what other steps we can take to try and resolve the problem.  

    "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - Winnie the Pooh
  • kaynineskaynines Posts: 8
    Will keep you posted. Thanks @bearwithme
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