One hour lives

this change is totally unacceptable- who waits for an hour for one life?   I will delete this app if game continues in this manner.    Please comment with fun alternative games


  • caroledelearycaroledeleary Posts: 1
    I'm with you! This is bull! It's bad enough you had to wait a half hour but an hour now till another life...not happening! I'm deleting also. It should be 15 minutes! Thanks for nothing candy crush! 😤
  • CindersCinders Posts: 6
    One hour wait for a lie?? Think my crushing days are over. 15m on other apps much better
  • docflash66docflash66 Posts: 2
    I'm at level 5214
    I have been playing for years
    I play soda jelly and friends as well
    If this bs stays at 1 hour I have played my last King game

  • Mary_GardnerMary_Gardner Posts: 3
    I really think 1 hour time set makes this game less desirable to play. I do make purchases, but think I'll find something else to play. I'm on pretty hard levels - in the 3600's and sometimes takes me days to move on. With one hour, I don't xee the point.
  • RosadivaRosadiva Posts: 1
    Waiting for 1 hour for 1 life-deleting this game after years of playing
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