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Daily quests?

Aine Posts: 52 Level 3
I left CC for awhile as I felt it was getting too greedy...recently got back into it and was so happy with the game being fun again...I actually spent money because I thought the game was fair and giving a chance and some pleasure...but now no daily quests? Is the money grab staring again? FYI if we are having fun we will spend money..,if we are not we won’t ! 


  • kmomkcc
    kmomkcc Posts: 8 Level 2
    Level 3735 - Watching support videos players have 35 moves, I have 22.  I don't mind spending money to play the game but when you play a level for 2 weeks and can't progress, the fun is gone.  Is this going to be my last level of candy crush after playing for as long as the game has been out?

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