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Grouping the Levels as 1000,2000,3000 ...

MangaiMangai Posts: 65 Level 3
Hi all I'm not good at ideas this is my small thought.

Grouping the levels as
1 to 1000 levels as Bubblegum roll group
1001 to 2000 levels as Tiffi group
2001 to 3000 levels as Yeti group
3001 to 4000 levels as Toffee group
4001 to 5000 levels as Benny group
5001 and above level as Genie group
Each group with different competition or race will be useful.
For the top players it is very difficult to score more points on Episode race ,Fantastic five and champion race not able to get enough untimed boosters.They have to wait for New episodes on every week. New episodes are hard to finish they need lots of untimed boosters. Without boosters and gold we can't play. 


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