5340, was 4000 points, now 5500

5340 in all how to videos, you only need 4000..but now the the game needs 1500 more!!!  Not fair.  Have played over 40 times, with 3 extra moves and full boosters, even lost 3 saucers on one game.     Not happy with the increase of points.


  • ernstblnernstbln Posts: 72 ✭✭
    need 550,000. passed it only by 1000 and used 10 then 16 extra moves plus 14 hands and 3 sripe makers. terrible level. no fun playing levels this poorly designed and to top it all increasing to 550,000 from 400,000 which is hard enuf to make.couple more levels like this and it's time to quit. this was not fun at all !!!
  • michiemichmichiemich Posts: 4
    I totally agree with you, ernstbln!!!! I used up all my boosters and I couldn't reach 550,000!!!! I am at the verge of quitting! 
  • Jim_PiereJim_Piere Posts: 11
    Yeah, after using over 25 extra lives, 3 flying saucers,  20" hand "powers.,they lowered it down to 4300000, which yesterday got 3 times, but things are not consistent.  Exploding to squared poers together first move gets so much, next time just a tad.  If there was rhyme  or reason it would be fun.  I think this one will just happen .  Not going to use any more powers  just frustrating that I still play this game.  Quit 3 months ago, with timed prizes... I am so close to quitting again.  This is first week that I have not finished all new levels on Wed when offered.
  • michiemichmichiemich Posts: 4
    I have never thought of quitting candy crush.. not until today!!! Seems impossible to pass this level 5340!!!! 
  • Jim_PiereJim_Piere Posts: 11
    Just passed!!! Argh!!!
  • candypowercandypower Posts: 9
    sometimes just give it a day 
  • michiemichmichiemich Posts: 4
    Still can't😩
  • michiemichmichiemich Posts: 4
    Finally quitting candy crush after about 5 years or so... Stucked at 5340 and seems impossible for me. First time to stay in this level for days!!!! This is so stressful!
  • Jim_PiereJim_Piere Posts: 11
    Finally passed, but was a devil.

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