Level 4911 and the Extra Moves Wheel

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I'm getting pretty over this level...I can't believe there is no discussion here about it??  Am I not doing something right? Is there a special spot to go see what my fellow players are saying about a certain level?  And although I appreciate the extra moves wheel, it's a bit discouraging waiting and waiting for first, the wheel to become available, and second to actually be in a position to be able to use the extra moves to clear the level...  The last 3 times I spun the thing I didn't get extra moves..It's sort of like the jackpot on daily spin....(well the jackpot is worse --far worse) but I'm getting pretty bored with this level...any help/suggestions?


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    Hello @Tammy_Kory - first of all this level is rated nightmarishly hard so they expect you to need several tries to complete it.  I make sure I have a full Build a Bot or spaceship so I start with two CBs and in this case start with a two CB combo - which got the keys and cleared some jelly.  I also will add a fish booster which can be helpful (sometimes more than others).  I just replayed the level, but to finish in one try I ended up using two hammers (on the jelly under the chocolate) and I needed 5 extra moves (I also didn't get that thru the free moves spin) so I used 10 gold bars and I was able to complete the level with 2 stars.  I needed the extra moves because I hadn't collected all the icing (but I had cleared all the jelly).  With levels like this - luck also plays a part to a certain extent.  

    You asked if there is a place where you can read comments about various levels.  We are always willing to help here in the community and I will usually replay a level to help provide tips but I have also found Cookie's Blog online an excellent resource.  She provides more specific tips for each level and there is usually some very good feedback from players.

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    Thank you :)
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