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jdd318jdd318 Posts: 14
I use the candy crush saga app on my iPhone 6s. I’ve been having sporadic connection issues like right now I cannot connect to Facebook and the win more moves wheel just keeps spinning say loading my internet connection is strong 


  • Divapal33442Divapal33442 Posts: 4
    Somebody Help please !!
    i’ve been having the same issue for over 6 months now and no suggestion on how to fix it yet.
    was hoping it’ll just go away
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 3,505 Superstar
    Hello @jdd318 and @Divapal33442 - I'm sorry to hear that you are having this problem.  I am assuming you have been playing the game while you are connected via Facebook.  The first thing you want to do is make sure you have the latest version of the game.  A new update came out yesterday.  You also want to clear your cache.  Once you have done both those things - you need to turn off your device (mobile or PC) and then start it up again.  If that hasn't corrected the problem then you need to see if you can disconnect your game from Facebook.  If you can do that, then try temporarily deleting Facebook from your device.  Restart your device and restore the Facebook app and then reconnect the game thru Facebook.

    However - if you cannot disconnect your game from Facebook because it says there is no internet connection - then I am afraid the only way to correct this problem is to de-install and re-install the game - but remember - if you do this you will lose all your lives and any saved boosters you may have!  This should only be done as a last resort.

    I had to do this myself on my iPad when the studios had problems with their servers and my game got hung up where it said I had no internet connection (but I did and could play other games just fine) and I couldn't disconnect from Facebook for the same reason, so I ended up having to de-install the game and then re-install it again.

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  • jdd318jdd318 Posts: 14
    Thanks for the reply. As I said before it is sporadic. At this time I am able to play without any connection issues. 
  • jdd318jdd318 Posts: 14
    still happening.....
  • GuyOneginGuyOnegin Posts: 1
    Same happens to me. Can't purchase, lost all my saves. I have tried all the steps above and still issues abound. 
  • jdd318jdd318 Posts: 14
    Still happening today... I have not been able to play with facebook and cannot receive rewards or boosters. It has to be the game. This is even happening with a new iPhone updated to the latest on everything, installed reinstalled, offloaded and loaded, restarted phone at witts end...smh help!!!!
  • jdd318jdd318 Posts: 14
  • jdd318jdd318 Posts: 14
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