Cannot help players and not receiving help

I have been stuck at a road block forever.  I cannot send moves to help other players, and no one is apparently able to respond to my requests for help.  When I bring the game up, you see programming commands instead of a regular message.  I have tried contacting support, but all I get are responses about Facebook.  I'm not using Facebook.  Can anyone please help?


  • kenora1kenora1 Posts: 2

    Been stuck at the same level for over a month.  Not able to send out the friends messages to get 3 to move

    me forward.  Plus that little clock timer that will let you move on if no help comes has not worked.  In the last week all of the text on those two issues is CODE.  I can't fix that, it is their issue to fix, but they tell you to come here. What good is that when the issue is at their end with CODE?

  • Exactly.  We are having the same problem.  I also need 3 responses to move me forward.  Apparently, you are also seeing the same codes that I am.
  • kenora1kenora1 Posts: 2

    Question is how long before they stop the IT is the players issue and they actually fix the problem they created?

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