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Win 25 Gold Bars with the Memory Game! Final Board (FINISHED)

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Do you remember playing a memory card game in the past?  The game started when you turned over 2 cards to see if they matched? Eventually you had less cards to turn over because you had made some matches. 

Community edition of memory cards is a little different.  Every participant can choose only one pair until the contest ends (e.g. A1 and B3).  If you post twice in the same week, your first choice will be accepted,  and your second response will be discarded.   

Here is a very important rule that you need to follow:  It is better not to choose the exact same two cards that another player has chosen.   Neither one of you will know if that was the best choice until the answer is revealed at the end of the week.   

Choose your pair wisely and write what you feel might be a matching pair in your response.

This board consists of the Saga characters.  No hints on this board!

The first person to pick a winning pair will be rewarded 25  gold bars when the contest ends.

This contest will end on Monday, 21st of October at 13:00 (CET).

Contest Terms and Conditions here.

Good luck everyone!



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