extremely hard levels

How do I beat level 435, with more than 200 of 3 colours needed and 13 moves?  I'm not sure what I need to use


  • Khoddiey_ClarkKhoddiey_Clark Posts: 256 ✭✭✭
    What u suggest you do is mace out your booster feature (space ship, built a bot or the witches hat (one that's active on my game). You can do this by going back and completing eaiser levels. I do this with most levels and it works majority of the time with me passing the level first try.

    I've Googled the level and I would clear the board firs then concentrate on collecting the orders. I would do this by getting 2 colour bombs and making sure the level is started with 2 colours bombs next to each other.  You get the colour bombs by maxing out the booster feature (what I explained above in the first paragraph.

    Then from there, try and make and much carnage as possible by letting the board matches by it self. I thibk this level lso requires luck. 

    I hope this advice helps. If not, hit me up and I'll try and thibk of anoher way. 
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