The lucky selected few

Hi, up until approx 6 months ago my wife and I loved competing against each other. Some days she would be around 15 levels above me, other days I would be slightly above her.

Until I became one of the selected (both started playing at exactly the same time) and my wife didn’t.

i get a silly amount of vids to gain stuff. Around 9 out of 10 times I get a video every day to have a second spin of the daily booster.

I then get videos at the start of each level.  

It’s rare that I don’t get a video after failing a level, this sometimes happens many many times a day.

And when I finally run out of lives, I then get videos to watch to receive more.

End result, wife is on around level 2800 and I’m on level 3488, almost 700 levels above her.

Now she has stopped playing as it’s simply impossible for her to compete against me hence we are now trying out other games until we find one we both like.

I’ve read numerous times your explanations when people complain about this, saying you select a few people to try ideals etc, but this is simply giving me a huge unfair advantage, and has done so for months. You are now on the verge of loosing two players because of this.  

Many many friends compete with each other, instead of fobbing us off, you really need to pass these complaints to someone who has the authority to get it changed. People complain about how this is wrecking their fun time and time again

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