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Introducing the new Rainbow Twist Blocker 🌀 Give us your feedback!

Sukanta_Biswas Posts: 24,932 Crushing Legend
edited November 2019 in Discussions
Hi everyone 💝

You've already done an Introduced with Waffles, Licorice, Chocolate etc Blockers and a new blocker is coming to introduce you.🤗
Those who are using Windows 10 App have already introduced this blocker in the last 4 episodes. Currently Rainbow Twist is available in up to 5 layers. With each hit, you can destroy 1 layer, that is, 5 lollipop hammers will be needed to destroy a 5 layers Rainbow Twist.

Specifically, the rainbow twists are linked together to form a chain and destroying any one of them destroys the whole chain. 

At levels 5676 to 5681 you will find  Rainbow Twists but at the level 5680 and 5681 you will get Rainbow Twists with Marmalade.

Rainbow twists can appear encased in marmalade in level 5680, in licorice locks in level 5683, in sugar chests in level 5687 and in crystal candies at the start in level 5689 . When encased by encasing blockers, the rainbow twists are not considered part of a chain. Once they are freed from their encasing blockers, they will become part of the chain of rainbow twists adjacent to them.

In the introduction to Rainbow Twists, you will not get the benefit of Pre-game Boosters or Power helmet ( Power UPS) in the first 5 levels.



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