How to help yourself and your boosters

Ey I've found on the game that for example if you are stuck on a certain level this tip might help you...
Set the game for success*
Whenever you start the lvl if u using boosters or any helpful candy that you have, try to put them together by going back and forth in that certain lvl but don't make any movements because if you do you won't be able to back it up without losing lives,  so if you do this the right way you won't lose any lives or boosters and it will increase your chances of winning 🏅 that lvl, for example I like to start my lvl with 2 color candy close to each other or a color candy and a striped candy because it makes my game easier and with more possibilities of winning that is how you set the game for success rather than for loss 😆 ps do this before it gets banned 
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