booster wheel rigged

rick8302rick8302 Posts: 1
I am on level 4035 and have never won the booster wheel. I spin it every day.  How is that even possible?


  • SuzyFullerSuzyFuller Posts: 27 ✭✭
    Rick, I feel the same way. It used to be the jackpot slot was just as wide as the others, suggesting you should get it once in about every eight spins. After conducting extensive testing using complex algorithms, I've determined the actual scientific odds are actually one in every kabajillion spins. ;) All jokes aside, they have redesigned the wheel. It now appears you should be able to spin the jackpot once in every 15 spins, on average. That's still not true; the odds are not quite so favorable. But I have been getting a LOT more folks commenting on my youtube channel, saying they've finally won after years of nothing. (I'm like you. I still haven't gotten it. But now I'm a bit more hopeful. And even though I don't get the jackpot, I do at least get a free booster a day.) Good luck!!!
  • andropandrop Posts: 12 ✭✭
    Same here, I have been playing for years, about 10 years or more not sure, and I've got the jackpot only once. Statistically, it is impossible. It is rigged.
  • andropandrop Posts: 12 ✭✭
    This is really not that good, you know, because people will think that if this is rigged then what else is rigged in the game.
  • lizzy1944lizzy1944 Posts: 1
    I agree I agree no logic I’m at over 3000 games never got jackpot ,my daughter on 800  wins it quite often ,must be rigged or I’m majorly unlucky 
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