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I am Disappointed

SystemSystem Posts: 241 Community Manager


  • JethrinaBodinaJethrinaBodina Posts: 367 Level 4
    I would like to express how deeply disappointed I am that King has effectively stolen the one thing I had to distract me from the most stressful time in my life. I can no longer play this game, nor can I afford to PAY to play a game that's supposed to be free. I'm quite sure that my inability to pay to play isn't causing anyone to go hungry. 
    After the Nov 21 update I lost all opportunities to watch videos for boosters. I was given one free spin each day. I got one free spin for extra moves. 
    The only way I could get boosters or win races was to go back to previous levels and spend an hour playing them to build the Booster Bot or get Tiffi's special boosters. My Mom doesn't even get those. 
    Now they are gone as well.
    I was able to back out is the first game screen without losing lives and boosters. Not anymore.
    I have had my hands chopped off and there it's really no good reason for this. It's not like I enjoy going back to play levels I've already played, but I also do not enjoy playing the same IMPOSSIBLY DIFFICULT level for days on end.

    I give up, King. The sponsors that I've purchased from after watching their ads in your game will get no business from me. Your candy shop will never get my money and I've wasted over 120 gold bars on spins for moves and boosters that left me still sitting on a level that cannot be beaten.

    The random access to everything that gives players the chance to play the game with everyone else is not fair. My Mom has NEVER paid eyes on the Booster Bot in her game but she at least has the videos on one device. I have it on none of my three devices. 

    Sayonara, Candy Crush. Thanks for nothing.
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  • minxxgirlminxxgirl Posts: 1 New Bee
    Jethrina, I'd have to agree with your anger about not being able to back out of a level without losing a turn. I remember seeing a screen that spoke about getting rid of stress. This change in Crush Saga just increased everyones stress level! King, you made all the levels harder by decreasing the number of moves in all the games. I have so many more things I would like to say about the greed of this company, but you don't deserve any more of my time. 
           Sayonara, too  Candy Crush
  • t4et4e Posts: 34 Level 2
    glad to see i'm not the only one that feels this way...
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