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Scroll error

hayesphayesp Posts: 5 New Bee
I have twice now completes all os the hard level scrolls but been unable to purchase the bonus 


  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 7,770 Superstar
    Hello @hayesp Hearty Welcome to the Candy Crush section of our friendly King Community :) 

    I am sorry to say that I am not clear about the issue you are having in the game!!  Can you explain a bit and give more details about it please?

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    Talk to you soon!  Have a great rest of the day/evening!

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  • hayesphayesp Posts: 5 New Bee
    Hi, on two occasions I have completed the scroll challenge by beating hard levels however when I try to claim the scroll discount prize I get a blank screen with just the exit cross in the top right hand cornet.
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