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Level 5885 Recent Change

Could someone from King, or someone who has actually passed this level now that it has been changed actually show a video or something that it can be passed with the new change?

I see most people who passed it did so when the waffles were easier. The ones on the sides (blocking the most difficult cherries to get rid of) now have to be hit 5 TIMES plus removing the twists blocking (3 hits per twist) them from falling. Same number of moves. 

I have been stuck here for a week. Boosters don't help at all (board set up/space is such that even with starting with a double color bomb combo, cherries block the rest of the game board)

This level is truly impossible to pass at this point. 

And don't come on here saying every level can be passed. There is no way with the new changes it can be passed with this many moves. I have played it on Android and Win 10, doesn't matter. I have played this game a long time, and I know the difference between a level that can be passed with maxed out boosters and some luck and one that can't. There is just no way on this level.

Closest I have come to passing was with the full stocking, plus 15 extra moves on the spin, Super lucky cascades going on (my score was rocking!) And I wasn't even close. Like even a UFO would not have helped.

I doubt this was tested before release.

I know the developers are busy pissing everyone off who now can't reset their game board (join the club, I was hosed out of that a long time ago), but this level needs to be fixed or looked at.


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