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Why do I have pay for gold bar as my piggy bank full n I never get free gold bars

EmmajackbronsonEmmajackbronson Posts: 4 New Bee
Why do I have pay for gold bar as my piggy bank full n I never get free gold bars 


  • Glenn1972Glenn1972 Posts: 825 Level 5
    Hi @Emmajackbronson Welcome to the Community!!!!
    There are contests going on now here in the Community where you can win gold bars.
    Join in, they a lots of fun!!!!
    Kind regards,
  • tqwhitetqwhite Posts: 1 New Bee
    edited December 2019
    I just think it’s crazy... Nothing popped up in my game about the purple piggy and I’d already spent money for gold bars less than that. Literally right after I bought gold bars. What happened to the piggy pop ups telling me how many gold bar I have left to fill the purple pig? The other pigs did it and I waited until they were full to buy them. Why not the same for the purple pig? I didn’t know it existed until 10 sec after purchasing gold bars. 😑
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 5,425 Superstar
    Hello @Emmajackbronson and @twhite and welcome to our wonderful community.  Usually the game will let you start with some gold bars to use when you start playing the game for the very first time, but after that you earn gold bars for your bank by completing levels and have to pay for them from then on.  It is your choice whether you pay for the gold bars or not, but paying to empty the bank once it is completely full is usually a better deal than going into the store to buy gold bars.

    There usually is a pop-up telling you when the pig has reached a certain point and you can buy the bars, but the pig usually isn't completely full at that time.  If you click on the piggy bank, before you buy it - it will show you how many gold bars are currently in it.

    As far as free gold bars are concerned - you should be able to earn free gold bars through the sugar track (collecting sugar drops) - I have earned 1-3 gold bars doing that, as well as completing the episode race.  If you finish in first place you can earn 5 gold bars.  Also - as was stated above - we usually run various contests in the different games where you have the chance to win gold bars and sometimes boosters.

    Anyway - I encourage you to explore our community, participate in some contests and discussions and have fun.  Thank you for joining.

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  • Missnewbooty8385Missnewbooty8385 Posts: 22 Level 2
    This is so not right you tell these people that they can earn should be able to earn some gold bars in the sugar drops will we earn the gold bars to be put in the piggy banks in the first place and then you make us pay for them that is messed up we are the ones that put the gold bars in the piggy bank that's our earning and your earning off of our earning as fraudulent and it's not honest and I'm getting more upset every day we are on the stuff for the candy Chronicles we are in the stuff for the piggy banks and then you make us pay for them what's the point in learning and filling up these things if you're going to make us turn around and pay for them it's all about the money huh
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