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booster roulette

joonyjoony Posts: 5 New Bee
edited December 2019 in Support
you guys are laughing at me?
I wrote to you quite clearly that I took all the steps you told me, reset, disconnected and connected again, I uninstalled and installed again and the problem continues.
I have no problems in connecting the game everything is ok except this roulette boster that does not connect and spins around without stopping and then I can not use the gold bars I have,
at the last 45 levels I could not use the booster roulette and for this you have to compensate me with as many boosters from each category. But once it **EDIT: RUDE** solve the problem that I'm tired of wait and see will not do anything and I come up with the same answers, and if you continue so terminated. One more thing, not only did I take all the steps you told me, I also reset the PC and the booster roulette doesn't load, connect, so please log into my game account and solve very quickly


  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 11,229 Superstar
    Hi @jony
    You have made multiple posts with the same problem. That is why without your first post, others are being closed.You need to reply to a post that is open. I look forward to getting information from you, if you provide information I will look into your problem. You can contact me via message. 
    Sorry, I have to close this post. Thank you for understand🙏

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