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Candy Crush Saga Boosters: Tell us what you think!



  • Deryck
    Deryck Posts: 1,150 Level 5

    @JethrinaBodina Yep, that should do it. btw anyone can log in to the Flash version, even you, using the same email account they register with the game. Any boosters won there won't sync to mobile devices unfortunately, but they do sync with all PC versions.

    That's also how I amassed so many boosters - I have a Daily Spin wheel on my app and then the Flash version has its own spin wheel that resets at midnight, meaning double the boosters. Even more, logging into your account on different computers yields separate Treat Calendars, so I open the app on PC and on laptop for double the boosters (those do sync as well).

    That's cool, nothing to laugh at. :) I assist my niece and nephew with Pokémon Sword and Shield for the Switch when they visit. I bought 'em the dual pack as an early Christmas gift.

  • JethrinaBodina
    JethrinaBodina Posts: 784 Level 5
    "Also, here are other open questions that I'd love to have your feedback:
    • Which boosters do you never use?
    • Do you understand the different functionalities and the best ways to of all these Boosters? 
    • Do you prefer boosters in other games and think they'd work well in Candy Crush Saga?
    • If you could create a new booster - what would it do?

    1. . The boosters I never use are the free switch and the fish.

    2.  I think I have a pretty good idea what the functionalities are of all the boosters and how to best utilize them.

    3.  A good booster would be something like a wild booster .  Something rare to get ,but when you do you can have the option to clear the stage if you run out of moves.  Something along those lines would be neat and very helpful.

    Summer, you are totally missing out by not using fish and the free switch!! I suggest that you read Deryck's post about the switcher... And seriously? No fishes?? They go get the jelly you can't reach and eat those stupid bombs and all kinda is good stuff like that! I LOVE the fish, lol
    I did have to teach my Mom how to use the switcher, now she hoards them, too.. They are so "handy" ha!
  • summer2201
    summer2201 Posts: 5 Level 2
    Lol ok I'll read deryck's post about the switchers.  Well I'm only on level like 290 so maybe the fish will be helpful down the road when the stages become harder. 
  • JethrinaBodina
    JethrinaBodina Posts: 784 Level 5

    That explains your first response! Yes, you'll be grateful for them when things get harder! Have fun!

  • beckythacker
    beckythacker Posts: 5 Level 2
    I like all the boosters that I have so far. Don't get rid of any I want to get the others to see what they do also.
  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 25,186 Sweet Legend

    I agree with you. I also have boosters on my PC and can't take them anymore because I'm done with the PC version. Unfortunately, the boosters were no longer transferred to the HTML% version on the tablet. You could do it. Would be helpful to all of us.

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