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Level 5083

SuperealtorSuperealtor Posts: 2 New Bee
I’ve played this level on numerous occasions and the 4th nut is not registering as collected. Unfortunately it took losing a lot of boosters to figure out this is a glitch. Please correct or let me move on. A credit for a lot of wasted boosters would be nice too. Thank you. 


  • BettsBetts Posts: 253 Level 4
    Did you ask the support for help directly from the game? If not, I would suggest to do that to let them have a look at your game.
  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 2,947 Legend

    Hi there

     It sounds like a technical difficulty.

     Would the suggestions.

     Update the app and clear the cache. If that doesn't help, please do the following:

    Contact help: Go to the gear in the game, then the question mark. Then you come to the help center, there you look for your problem and follow the steps. If you are not getting along, then go to the page below: Contact us: There you come to the contact form. Please fill in in your language. Please note that everything is spelled correctly is important: and send. You will then receive an automatic email. Please answer and describe your request. Submit. And have some patience for the answer. If you don't get an answer after 3 days, please try again.

    ♥Good Luck♥

    ♥ Where there is a will, there's a way ♥

  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 11,873 Superstar
    edited January 18
    Hi @Superealtor
    We warmly welcome you to the Friendly King Community's Candy Crush Saga forum.😊

    Please provide as much information as we can for this issue as well as a screenshot and I will happy to help look into it. For instructions on how to take a screenshot please visit here.
    Unfortunately the used or lost boosters are not returned.😂
    However, the level will be resolved if there are any errors. 

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  • SuperealtorSuperealtor Posts: 2 New Bee
    Thank you everyone for your help and suggestions. Of course, while playing again to take screenshots, the game acknowledged the 4th nut. 😊 It does seem to be an issue for many others based on my research prior to posting here. Who knows...just glad to be past it. Thank you again!
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