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new levels

Namrata_LodayaNamrata_Lodaya Posts: 96 Level 3
this is my 2nd post regarding new levels
i have completed level no 6185 now new levels for me will open on wenesday but some of my friends are on 6220
tried a lot to update my phone and this game but nothing helped 
can king suggest advice me what to do 


  • MargsCMargsC Posts: 47 Level 2
    Me too! Didn't even know some people have more! I'm so tired of playing the old levels over and over. Every week I finish the new levels in a day. 😔 

    How can we get on this list of people with early access to new levels? 

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  • Eddie_SparrowEddie_Sparrow Posts: 273 Level 3
    What are the platform of those who have more levels than the maximum. Different platform have different levels. Notoriously Windows 10 has more than other platforms.
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