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Tiffi and the beanstalk

Eddie_Sparrow Posts: 273 Level 3
I discovered by chance that they now have a new entry made of five easy levels. It's a fun way of accumulating boosters while waiting for new levels. You get a pack with all boosters except for the ufo, party booster and the stripe.

When you select a starting booster it appears life on the board so you can see where it is. Haven't try to unselect it to see if it can be reset.

Another difference also is that on the points game, it doesn't stop as soon as you reached the required points.


  • Eddie_Sparrow
    Eddie_Sparrow Posts: 273 Level 3
    I now tried to unselect the booster. It doesn't reset but it will add the booster again. There doesn't seem to have a limit. If for example you have 10 color bombs, you can place them one by one at random on the board. Chance is that at some stage you will get two colors bombs side by side.

    My guess is that this is Crush's answers to the controversial board reset issue. They probably charged Tiffi to test it.

    Also I don't know what is the limit to the game. As soon as you won the five levels, you can start playing again. This opens the possibility that you could accumulate infinite boosters between levels.
  • Eddie_Sparrow
    Eddie_Sparrow Posts: 273 Level 3
    All levels except level 5 are extremely easy. You can't lose even if you wanted to. But if you fail a level, you have to start at 1 again.

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