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Why isn't it possible to get all Boosters saved in case of changing the Mobil phone? The gold was saved too. 


  • JethrinaBodinaJethrinaBodina Posts: 762 Game Expert
    That type of data is device specific. It is saved ON that device and can only be accessed on that particular device. This allows players to use these boosters when they are offline. If they were saved on the web they wouldn't be available to use in the situation that finds players without WiFi. 
    Additionally... There are MILLIONS of people playing this game at any given moment across the globe. Imagine how much server space only a handful of players would need in order to save that much data. It's impossible to have THAT much storage capacity to hold data that's relative to only one person and one device.
    I've heard of players that save their game data on another medium and can reload it with everything intact, but it's on the PC. 
    It's just one is those things that affects everyone at some point. It doesn't feel any better knowing why it can't happen the way we want, but it helps to know that you're not alone! 

    It's similar to the loss of EVERY hour of recordings I recently lost when my cable DVR dumped the memory. For no good reason. For the SECOND time. There were things recorded that I'll never be able to replace or even watch online. 

    I know. Not what you wanted to hear. I'm sorry. I'm sure you'll rebuild your inventory. Don't give up!


    Wash your 🙌 Mom said so! 😷

    Patience is a virtue. Peace is a journey. ✌😎🦎

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