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Game profile shows wrong country

Crazy Cat Lad
Crazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,131 Community Manager

If your game profile with your ranking and all stats is showing wrong country than you are located in, please try these steps to change it to the correct one.

-First remove the connection to Facebook (on the game’s start menu tap the Settings down to the left > Cogwheel > Log out).

-Then create or login to your King account. Tap again the Settings down to the left and then the orange Kingdom icon. Log in to Kingdom if you have a King account already, otherwise start with choosing a nickname, tap save and follow the steps to create an account.

If the game automatically logged in to your King account when disconnecting Facebook, then just continue to the next step.

-Go to the device's settings and make sure both region and language are correct. Both need to be correct. If you for example have chosen Sweden and Spanish on your device, the game can then take Spain as your country.

-Go back to the game and tap the Settings > Kingdom icon and log out from your King account.

-Tap the ranking feature up to the left on the game map and check that the country is correct beneath the avatar.

-Close the game and wait an hour so the country updates in our system.

-Finally open the game and connect back to your Facebook and the country should be updated. If not, then you will need to keep the incorrect country in your game.

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