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Upcoming changes in Candy Crush Saga: Sugar Track, Build-a-bot, and more



  • grr
    grr Posts: 100 Level 3

    If you are referring to the Daily Win Sticker, this happened to many users, including me, a couple of months ago. I got it back for about a week and a half, then it vanished again. There were several postings at the time - the explanation given was the usual 'test group'.

    King giveth but mostly King taketh away...

  • Albert_Heinrich
    Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,612 Level 4
    edited August 2020

    Having a problem this morning with daily win and F5 not synchronizing. Will shut down handset and hope for the best. Already cleared Cache and started game. No luck. Let's hope rebooting works

  • FluffBall
    FluffBall Posts: 203 Level 2

    Thank you for checking that level out for me, it's nice to know a player of your standard & experience thinks it's almost impossible.

  • Von_3
    Von_3 Posts: 502 Level 3

    Pleased to hear that Albert. Have you got any contests this week? All I have is the chocolate box.

  • Gary_Turner
    Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    Last week I said I was quitting this game because of all the stupid changes with everything being removed from the game. I’ve got no boosters left and only 1 gold bar, so I am going to play one more episode to show players why you need a bucket load of boosters or spend money to pass levels. I’m going to put up the level and then how many attempts it takes me to pass. The new levels came out on Wednesday and I started at level 7551 with the partial bot that you get. I lost that on my very first attempt. The only boosters I get are the chocolate box, the booster wheel and the treat calendar. I have been playing every 2 and a half hours when my lives are full plus I’ve had some lives from friends.

    Level 7551 12 attempts. 7552 1st attempt 7553 16 attempts 7554 9 attempts

    7555 5 attempts 7556 52 attempts and still not passed

    I will keep you all updated IF I pass more levels. Levels are released on a Wednesday and then altered on a Thursday, why? 7556 had no skull on Wednesday but did on Thursday. I am a few weeks behind the top players but by the time I reach these levels the number of moves has always been reduced by at least 10 moves. There is someone who posts on here that he completes all 45 new levels each week in a couple of days. He either has never ending boosters or he’s playing with all these extra moves, probably both. People have said number of moves are reduced to make the game more of a challenge but 52 attempts and counting is absolutely shocking. I complained 2 weeks ago about a level that I’d been trying to pass for ages and used a lot of boosters. A few hours later the number of moves had risen by 7 and I still needed to spin the wheel for extra moves. This shows that KING want you to use all your boosters then have to spend before you pass. Once levels are released they shouldn’t be changed. They have also released new licorice but I haven’t come across it yet and I’m not likely to until things change, but you can bet your mortgage it won’t be to the benefit of us players. I see players around level 4000 complaining about some of the things I’ve mentioned. Just beware this is what’s in front of you. By the time you reach the level I’m on it will probably be even harder. A very good reason to stop playing right now

  • Gary_Turner
    Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    The other thing I forgot to mention was that if you fall a level you can BUY 5 extra moves with gold bars. After you fail a level 10 times they add another extra move each time you fail up to a maximum of 20 giving you 25 extra moves to finish the level. I m sure certain levels are designed this way to make you use gold bars or buy them. Its all a con for money

    by the way I’ve just had another 5 unsuccessful attempts at 7556. That’s 57 attempts and counting. Roll on 12 noon for another 5 lives

  • FluffBall
    FluffBall Posts: 203 Level 2

    I was getting the increase in moves but that's stopped, not that I have got any gold bars anyway

  • Ah_Kwang
    Ah_Kwang Posts: 230 Level 3

    I have played with no gold bars for the last 3 months. With very few booster I started to play only when my F5 reached 7000 Then I will go for a rampage with the free power bombs and the stripe ball. Try to win as many games as possible. The occasion beanstalk spin may also help with another 1/2 hr of play. My daily gift went missing last 2. months and never returned. I thought the cinema was a replacement but it dfonot work anymore. I think they have no advertiser. So I think cinema is a failure.

    If you think level 7556 is difficult wait until you come to 7593 and 4..

    Anyway please persist on. You will ultimately get through.

  • Gary_Turner
    Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    Don’t even know what the cinema thing is. My F5 has never reached 7000. I usually contribute quite well but definitely not this week. You talk about persist. That’s me just played another 5 unsuccessful lives. 62 attempts and counting is bloody ridiculous for one level. These designers need to be changed to make the game more fun for players who have no boosters. Everything in the game has been destroyed just to line their pockets. Money is the root of all evil. I don’t think I’ll get to 7593/4 because I’m going to stop playing after this episode if nothing changes. The amount of hours on on level is just out of order

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