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3 stars in level 1130???

i82victori82victor Posts: 8 Level 2
edited March 13 in Discussions

Hi everyone, there is impossible for me to obtain 2 or 3 stars in Level 1130!!!! My most ranking is over 165.000....

I read the forum and search other information about this level has a glitch to obtain more fruits than 6... i dont know if this information is true but i like if anyone help me to try to obtain more score anda get 3 stars.



  • JethrinaBodinaJethrinaBodina Posts: 767 Game Expert

    Hiya i82victor...

    Welcome to the forum where all things are possible... 😅 with the exception of getting those three stars on this level! Trouble is that the level is passed before you are able to make enough candy to get those points for stars. Stars are just Stars at the end of the day and you don't get rewarded with anything but personal satisfaction... So, I'm just happy I passed with one little gold one on the first go-round and moved on.

    Good luck, though... Keep trying if you've got the lives and boosters to throw at it. Post us a screenshot when you finally succeed!

    Wash your 🙌 Mom said so! 😷

    Patience is a virtue. Peace is a journey. ✌😎🦎

  • i82victori82victor Posts: 8 Level 2

    After a month getting boosters I have spent it !! 12 hands and 12 hammers have obtained the 3 stars!!

  • Freddy_FalknerFreddy_Falkner Posts: 6,128 Legend

    @i82victor with everything thats been removed from the game trying to get 2/3 stars is brave. When you start going up the levels they start getting about how lucky a board you get, passed many,many levels with 1 star. I wouldtry to get used to it or going to cost you hell of a lot of money in boosters

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