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Front line Recognition

Bumper2019 Posts: 3,271 Level 5

Tonight at 8pm as we were out on the street applauding the staff of the uk NHS on the frontline, a bus drove by with 1 passenger on board.

It really made me stop and think.

Here's to all the unsung heroes. Bus drivers, store assistants, delivery drivers, anyone who faces public close up... You are putting yourselves on the front line against this scourge and the applause is for you too.


  • Glenn1972
    Glenn1972 Posts: 16,648 Pro Player 👑

    I agree @Bumper2019 , sanitation workers that keep our streets clean, janitorial staff that keep our hospitals clean and safe. There are many out there that still go to work today do it for all our wellbeing and safety. Enough cannot be said about these two unsung heroes who are sometimes just take for granted.

    I join you and giving a round of applause to all these working people. Thank you to all of you do this for us.💜

    My most kind regards, Glenn

  • carmenechevarria
    carmenechevarria Posts: 2,084 Pro Player 👑
    edited June 2020

    I agree here's a shout out to the post office workers, fast food workers, restaurant workers and like myself; pharmacist and techs.

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