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Poll: Are You Happy?

Bumper2019Bumper2019 Posts: 3,271 Legend
edited April 13 in Discussions

Are you happy with the changes to CCS announced on 28th February?

This is an anonymous poll, your vote will not be made public. Superstars, game Experts and Kingsters welcome.

I want to know how people really feel.

Poll: Are You Happy? 251 votes

I am happy that the changes improve the game for myself and others
12% 31 votes
I trust that the improvements going forward will compensate for the removal of features
6% 17 votes
I am happy to wait and see what improvements may come
9% 24 votes
I am unhappy with the changes and would like more information on what is to come during the year
9% 23 votes
I am unhappy with the changes and would like to see them reverted
62% 156 votes



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