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That episode is very hard to complete

santo_chris97 Posts: 1,494 Level 4

PC Users, have you completed the "Munchy Marathon" episode (level 6846 - 6860)? I can't complete every level in one try (I got 2 levels in one try so far) because I'm failed to beat every level and I tried that level again until success (it requires 2 tries or more). I wasted so many boosters because of finishing those hard levels and I don't have any free boosters from Build-a-Bot feature. I think I can't get any crown in this episode, except I get sugar stars in every level that can't pass in one try.

So frustrated!


  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 25,186 Sweet Legend

    Hello and welcome to this community

    First of all, congratulations that you've come this far. Don't hang your head. You can do it even if you can't beat the level right away. The higher you get, the more difficult they become. Please be patient and videos and help can be found for every game and every level on the Internet.

    Good luck

  • Freddy_
    Freddy_ Posts: 68,477 Crushing Legend

    @santo_chris97 you been so used to having all the free boosters that its hard to do levels without them, but its the direction the game has been taken . I have completed all levels on PC and guarantee you this is going to become the normal. you cannot do many of the levels in the first go or two, many will take 20 plus goes a time some 50 plus. I tend not to use boosters on a whim and wait till i know it can be done on minimal if not any boosters, but you have to be prepared to be frustrated with the game or get the easy way out and pay for boosters and lives.

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