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Player Support – Possible delays in answers

Community_TeamCommunity_Team Posts: 1,846 System
edited April 29 in Support

Hi everyone,

If you’ve reached out to our Player Support team lately, please know that we’re currently having some issues that we are trying to fix as soon as we can. A reply to an email might take longer than usual, so please be patient and avoid sending multiple emails, it will not help you get a faster reply. In the meanwhile, please do not hesitate to keep using the Community as a way to get help. Go to the Support section of your game and ourselves and other awesome players will do our best to give you help as soon and as good as we can.


The Community Team

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  • AdhithyaKGAdhithyaKG Posts: 5 Level 2

    Hello developers.I have been playing Candy crush for last 2 years and now on level 1014.I really enjoyed that days.That time the episodes were with unique names and styles.It was so fantastic.But now 2 months ago it all disappeared and all the episodes have the same names like CHOCOLATE MOUNT,SODA SEA,CARAMEL CANYON,SUNNY SWAMP,RAINBOW REEF.Its so boring.So request your team to bring back the old names and styles for the episodes.




  • FreenspiritFreenspirit Posts: 16 Level 2

    Agree and all the candy crush games please! Candy crush with friends is not very old at all so why?? Why can there not be more names for levels at least and difference in scenery, I also thought with all the spring competitors that we would see more spring type scenery only notice of change in scenery was Tiff is party which was great graphics btw and love the things the characters say,lol, I am a little slow, don't always keep volume on, so took me a while to hear them. Thank you for taking the time for these and hope you can find more help or time to incorporate more into the ganes, thanks again and be blessed!!

  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 7,009 Game Expert
    To all players!

    I ran a survey: Who is interested please come to this link - customer service !!


    thank you

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