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Chocolate box

bull3061 Posts: 24 Level 2

Anyone else having issues with the chocolate box? Im trying to finish my final level, and now the "super hard' owl and 'nightmare' hard thunder clouds are not showing up on the game board. So I cannot defeat one to gain the reward. I don't have any of the other rewards tok user... so im stuck. .

If you change the game board then change the chocolate box targets...

And when will we get unlimited chocolate box play? 1 a day is so boring... taking more arthu from us...


  • Freddy_
    Freddy_ Posts: 68,477 Crushing Legend
    edited May 2020

    @bull3061 what device are you playing on as my iphone, facebook and win 10 app game all showing the hard levels and super hard levels.

    Chocolate box has 3 different versions i have been told one thats unlimited which i had for about 2 weeks. the one that allows 1 complete box a day. and one that only allows one chocolate box colour a day. So just depends what test group your in

  • bull3061
    bull3061 Posts: 24 Level 2

    Ii have Samsung S8. I usually am always 45 levels behind the iPhone people. In the chocolate box, j see the super hard owl and the nightmare lightening clouds... but on the main playing board, those levels are not shown that way anymore... only change in colors I defeated them when I had then selected but they did not register.. so I can't complete the box

    I didn't know there were 3 versions. I have the one complete box a day.. j had the 2 week's unlimited as well.. live to get that again.. nice ro build up a few things for a change.

    Thanks much...

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