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Daily win disappeared 2 days ago.

nightshade1066 Posts: 62 Level 3

No chest so I lost my progress. No sticker for winning 1st level of the day. Is it just me?


  • mnikeh
    mnikeh Posts: 96 Level 2
    edited May 2020

    Mines working just got my sticker!

  • grr
    grr Posts: 100 Level 3

    Sadly, it is not just you - I came here looking to find out the same thing. I guess they forgot to take away one of the very few ways we had left to earn boosters when they did the big 'spring cleaning'. It seems they really are determined to ruin the game...I have been holding out waiting for the promised 'improvements' but so far it has been all take and no give. 😠

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