New on Candy Crush Saga: Rainbow Rapids

Yorben_GoereeYorben_Goeree Posts: 1,895 Level 4

It’s new goal of this level name is “Rainbow Rapids”

I don’t understand for about Rainbow Rapids?

But maybe can for @Pounawea or @Crazy Cat Lad knowing for about the Rainbow Rapids?

Thanks you.

I found on Johnny Crush’s YouTube video about the Rainbow Rapids level.

Relax... and play Candy Crush🍒🍭🍫🍬

▪️Candy Crush Saga: level 9350▪️

▪️Candy Crush Soda: level 4090▪️

▪️Candy Crush Jelly: level 621▪️

▪️Candy Crush Friends: level 4000▪️


  • Soda_botteletSoda_bottelet Posts: 230 Level 3
    edited May 2020

    Hmmm maybe for Superstars know about that too?

    I don’t know for about the Rainbow Rapids. Maybe it’s a leaks

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  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 9,723 Community Manager
    edited May 2020

    Hi @Yorben_Goeree !

    It's a new feature, but it should not be out yet. It's coming to the game shortly.

    Somehow that player have got access to it.

    We'll post about it when the feature is live, stay tuned!

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 2,952 Level 5


    I found on Johnny Crush’s YouTube video...

    You can find very useful stuff on channels like that.

    Gotta luv sneak previews...

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