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15,000 IN, 7,000 Out, please...

Nenikapaki Posts: 31,657 Level 5

When the 15,000 points to be achieved in Fantastic Five feature (F5) was reduced to only 7,000 points, our team was struggling to win. In fact, we won only once. Now, there is NO chance of winning at all because we didn't make it. I literally lost my team. Now i am into a group only God knows if they play at all.

Is there any possibility that 15000 points be back? Though the target score is much higher , the chance of winning is easier.


  • Pounawea
    Pounawea Posts: 4,514 Community Manager

    Hello @Nenikapaki ,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback and thoughts in regards to the new Team goal for the Fantastic 5 feature.

    Do you have the Custom Team feature available in your game? [More information about the Custom Teams HERE] So far, we are receiving very good feedback and players that can create/join Fantastic teams are enjoying participating and collaborating together towards the new 7,000 points team goal.

    Just in case, please check out the latest information HERE: new ways of getting points and number of points per task.  🙂

    There is a really interesting post by @RWCandy with a detailed analysis (find it HERE), really useful information!

    Hope this information helps.

    Have a delicious day and happy crushing! 🌟

  • Nenikapaki
    Nenikapaki Posts: 31,657 Level 5

    Hi@Pounawea . Thanks for the insight. Yes, i have the customized team and it's either join or create. I am rather hesitant to create or join a team because i don't trust myself much when it comes to hard levels. Random players are okay if they always play. At least everyone is helping the team. What sucks is you are the only one playing ..😟😬

  • kwee_ju_04
    kwee_ju_04 Posts: 69 Level 2

    Im still learning abt creating or joining a team

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