Level 7080

bkychaubkychau Posts: 3,375 Level 4

For Level 7080, I really want to know how to clear the 8 jellies cover with the five-layered rainbow twists without using any boosters , while at the same time the  three-layered waffles and liquorice swirls are keeping on the board.


  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 35,751 Candy Moderator

    Hi @bkychau . Welcome to our Community

    Need a lucky board , mine use one Ufo 🙂 to clear it

    Maybe @Johnny_Crush , have a Tips

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  • bkychaubkychau Posts: 3,375 Level 4
    edited May 2020

    [email protected]_wael, Thank you!

    I passed level 7080 at my 63rd try without any boosters because I have none. I got colour bomb x colour bomb at my 1st move, colour bomb x stripped candies at my 2nd moves, and the subsequent moves go on smoothly. For how did I beat it I do not remember clearly because I was watching TV at the same time.

    I think I got my lucky board, or may be the game has been fixed.

  • renamifsud2renamifsud2 Posts: 202 Level 3

    Can you please tell me if anyone having issues with level 7012

    Candy keeps moving Without stopping and won’t let me continue

  • renamifsud2renamifsud2 Posts: 202 Level 3

    Did you get the video so to see please

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