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*Level 7081 - Beating It!

Origins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑

Hi @Pounawea, & @Bumper2019, @Sukanta_Biswas@Freddy_Falkner, @Albert_Heinrich@Yosca, @MountainMom, @kiara_wael, @PummyRaj, & The Matching Sisters @LizzyLemondrop with @BeckyBubblegum@candycrushinit,

*On the advice of our current resident Legend @Bumper2019, I am posting this *Level 7081 - Beating It! here under, Level Help & Tips. Just hope I am doing it right. This was 1st posted on 5/24/2020 at:

How far have you reached Candy Crush Saga? Community Badges & chances to Win Gold Bars 🎖️ 🏆 - Page 66

Well fell asleep again. Sorry about that. May have been bitten by a "Tsetse Fly", or just being a old senior. 

Anyway, here is info on Level 7081. 

  • Level 7081 - Candy Crush Saga

  • Level 7081 - *30 moves *16 Magic Mixers (also known as Evil Spawner) Must destroy 5. Use 1st key (Top Left), releases 2 mixers, but only after you "Feed", the "Candy Frog"! *8 Popcorn Blockers to destroy. *48 Tiles / Squares to take. *9 Three-Layered Crystal Blockers in center, "Candy Frog" buried here, center square, can't even see him. 

Everything is locked, except the center, when you start the game. 

So 1st question is, "Why did I lose?" Well, see the 1st exposed yellow key at the top left? During the game, the Candy Bomb went off, hit the key, which in turn dropped the other 3 keys around the board, in rapid succession. Before I knew it, had 16 angry Magic Mixers (also known as Evil Spawner), spitting out blockers, that quickly filled / choked the board, leaving no room to build striped candies or get them to drop. Got the "Failed to Achieve Goal" mess., soon after. So lost the level & the 3 Level Build-a-Bot, I am on. 

Well, I don't want my buddies at King Community to get that mess., so to beat this level, the "Key" is the "Candy Frog"! He is your ally in this level. 

  • 1st - You have to get him out from that 3 layer crystal blocker, & then, there is a licorice lock blocker on him also. 
  • 2nd - Then "Feed" / "Charge Him Up". You will know what candy to use, by the color of his skin. Start with green, I believe.
  • 3rd - Once he is been fed, then & only then, use the top left yellow key, this opens up 2 mixers along w/ 2 popcorns. Don't forget, it also starts the dropping of the other 3 keys. Very unusual even innovative, because as a general rule, you do want things open, in order to blow them up. But not here. 
  • 4th - Use him on the 2 mixers first. You can't reach the popcorn, out of range. Need striped candy for them. 
  • 5th - See those "5 Double Striped Candy Icons", under the "4 Top Popcorn?" Now you may think, that is the easy way to beat this level, or get to the 4 Popcorns above & below. Crossed my mind also, however it doesn't work. Not enough time, moves, or drops, for it to work for you. You are limited to the middle of the board, so you don't have much room, along with the mixers throwing blockers at you. You can try it, if you like. But I don't recommend it, because it waste moves. After you get the 5 mixers goal done, continue with the recharged frog. Now put him at the "Top 2nd Row Down / Center" of those "5 Double Striped Candy Icons". This way 3 things get done, it helps you get the drops you need for those striped candies for the popcorn, since the top 5 squares have been cleared, along with cleaning the board up of those blockers, It will also help recharge the frog, if you get the right colored candy for him. If you have Candy Bombs in your game, or get a drop for it, use it to recharge the frog, he is instantly charged up. Then just use him where he is needed, along with making vertical striped candies, if you can. 

It is also about "Move Efficiency"

Can't begin to tell you, how many times, I have ended up with 1 move left, & all the goals haven't been done yet. Especially at these higher levels. 

*For info on the blockers used, see the Wiki Saga reference on my Post done 5/22/2020, Page 65 of this thread! Look for Candy Crush Saga - Blockers on Wiki. Will have them all listed, including HTML5-Exclusive and the old Flash Blockers!

The reference above goes back to the 1st post. So here are the:

*References For Players

Candy Crush Soda Wiki | Fandom

Candy Crush Saga Wiki | Fandom 

Well since we have been speaking about "Frogs", brings the color green up. Remember "Dr. Seuss"? Of course not, because you are young people. (hehe) He wrote the "The Cat In The Hat", "How The Grinch Stole Christmas", etc... One of my favorites as a child was, "Green Eggs And Ham". So after reading it, went & asked my dad, how do you get green eggs & ham? He then went to the stove, made sunny side up eggs, & a slice of ham. Brought me to the kitchen table, broke the yellow yoke on the eggs, then put grape jelly on it, then smeared it on the ham. Lo & behold, I now had green eggs & ham, just like the book. 

Want to be a hit with the children? Here you go then. Be sure to read it first to them. Should be online. Now from a grown-up or Mom & Dad viewpoint, it really is ugly looking. But from a child's eyes, you are the number 1 wizard in the world. You have brought to life, what was in a book. Don't be surprised, if they follow you all over the house. They want to see more magic from you. 


Take Care All - Origins7 Dale, 😀



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