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Tell-tale signs of being a Candy Crush Addict..



  • Faith_Odobys
    Faith_Odobys Posts: 30 Level 2

    Thought am d only one "high" or drunk with high doses of playing candy crush. Guys it's a time stealer. I wake up sometimes at nyt to try a difficult level am stuck on. Evn sneak to do it cos bae wld always threaten to delete it from my fone if I continue like dat. Mmmmmm it's called ADDICTION GRADE A+

  • chellyviana
    chellyviana Posts: 202 Level 3
    I'm so addicted to this game that I can't eat properly, I'm addicted to series and movies and I'm not watching just to play, I wake up at dawn every day to stay playing.
    soon i love to sleep and only wake up midday

  • Nenikapaki
    Nenikapaki Posts: 31,657 Level 5

    Hello @Faith_Odobys . You are so right. I skipped meals honestly. Sneak playing at work coz I can't help it..😜. It is so addictive and and there is no antidote except our will not to be tempted..🌸

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