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*F5 Still Needs Calibration - Other Issues!

Origins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑
edited June 2020 in Support

Hi @Sukanta_Biswas & @kiara_wael & @Lola_Pop & @LadyRaffie & @Pounawea, @bearwithme,

Well its back. F5 needs "Calibration", again. I will show screenshots, then explain.

F5 Still Needs Calibration - Candy Crush Saga Level 7240 - Origins7 Dale

Notice 7000 reached but no reward!

Also, the numbers do not add up, from the team.

F5 Still Needs Calibration - Candy Crush Saga Level 7246 - Origins7 Dale

Same here.

F5 Still Needs Calibration - After Beating Level - Candy Crush Saga Level 7246 - Origins7 Dale

Same here.

F5 Still Needs Calibration - Paid On Level 7251 - Candy Crush Saga - Origins7 Dale

Finally, 11 Levels later got rewards!

F5 Still Needs Calibration - Paid On Level 7251 - Started With 1810 Score After Reward - Candy Crush Saga - Origins7 Dale

Notice, after reward, put in a 1810 Score. But after I beat the level, I rechecked it, the 1810 was gone, had 0 / Zero, until it put in my score, from winning the level.

From Level 7246 Team Scores:




Total is 5245

But, during this, I rechecked the numbers, got everything from 5245 up to 5995 on scores. Sorry, was losing to much time on my game, or I would have screenshot that also.

To say this more clearly, it was changing team scores randomly, it wasn't progressive. I was the only one playing, since, when it paid off, the other 2 scores of 2835 & 600, were placed back in at the end, when it paid off.

  • Summary
  • 11 Levels before being reward!
  • Arbitrary or random numbers put in during the 10 levels!
  • Correct Team Score put in on the 11th level, when it paid!
  • Placed a 1810 Score unearned by the Team, after being paid!
  • Then reset to 0 / Zero, after winning the level, then put my score in!

Did you get all that? Crazy, huh. Needs to be "ReCalibrated"!

  • Other Issues!

*Lucky Beans Issue - 2x Now! — King Community

My Inventory! - On 6/17/2020 - Candy Crush Saga Level 7236 - Origins7 Dale

Here is my inventory from earlier today, before playing the 45 new released levels. Notice, still do not have my:

  • 2 Hours 30 Mins Reward on Candy Bomb Booster
  • To be given on Weds. when 45 New Levels are released, cannot use it till then. Have no more levels, at end of the game.

For those of you not familiar with this issue, it goes back to 5/27/2020, see link above. Lost 2 hours, then a 2nd x, lost 30 mins, on the "Lucky Beans" side / mini game. I know @Sukanta_Biswas reported it, because he told me he did. More than once btw. So perhaps, we need Community Managers on this. I mean it has been 3 weeks. How long does it take to get my rewards due me, from support?

  • Facebook Profile & Internal Spinning!

The other issue is my Facebook Profile is still spinning. @Freddy_Falkner told me it is a facebook issue. Also, in the F5 Team List, some of the players profile are spinning there also. If "Space Race" is on, both "Dale" & "Me" icons spin. I have to sign out of facebook, then sign into King, then sign out of King, then resign into Facebook to stop the main page Facebook Profile spinning, cannot stop the internal spinning. A real pain, because if I am on a back level, & get moved to the top, have to do it all over again. In order to be returned to where I was at.

Well that's it group. Sorry to bring all this bad news.

Trust, someone will tag me with some good news soon.

*Stats Of Interest

My Player / User ID: 9815076088 

I only use "Win 10 Pro PC - Desktop App", for now. 

Win 10 Pro x64 - Version 1909 - OS Build 18363.904 *Updated!

Live in USA.

*On Candy Crush Saga (CCS)

v1.1790.3.0 Modified 6/17/2020 *Update!

Take Care My Friends - Origins7 Dale, 😀



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