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🗳️ Community Poll: new crushing designs! Vote for your favorite and tell us why

PounaweaPounawea Posts: 2,064 Community Manager

Dear community,

As you all know, we've been adding some new Art and design changes in the game. We are glad to hear you like them! Check out more information HERE

They look even more sweet now, don't they?! I wonder... if they'd would also taste sweeter than ever!! 😋 🍭

Now, we would like to know your favorite!

If you could only choose 1, what would you say? What's your favorite change so far?

  • The new design for the Chocolate Spawner

  • The Color Bomb

  • is it maybe the Magic Mixer
  • or the Multilayer Frosting

Vote below and let us know why is your favorite.

Have a delicious day and see you all around the forum. 🍬🍬

🗳️ Community Poll: new crushing designs! Vote for your favorite and tell us why 171 votes

New Chocolate Spawner
Werner_Cichylau_02neela9_Hamsikaroseanneodam1956Ayesha_183AngelaGrandeemilyann2004jgamer4aldreajandayankemamack72jessplassredsunniebaxromsoli1775Gigatt_2020mhelms123 16 votes
New Color Bomb
Peter_TornarosPeggy_WilsonMay_EdwardsPip813AitchNana_Equiya_MaudMary-Ann_AvellaMightyWolfcandycrushinitchristinev21mowiejobie1974NckSofia1992Redbonebeauty1akthamabualiCharmingChickyterrazas1325LoveDachsarthurraywarren888 77 votes
New Magic Mixer
B-2Mary_KayDiamond LimGlenn1972belenbozzaniFaRayhaDeepshikhaSharancam199hotwild69lcalloway82Leslie_BPitty_Kittykatincoker43MountainMomRosalindatangybhoyAnita666Frozen80hechicerillaaijaziqbal 41 votes
New Multilayer Frosting
Martha_SAnushree_Agarwalkiara_waelKingChewybearwithmeRIPMyBrothaDee111017Spinnifixmustafiz1245Nat09gr33n3y3zBreeeOrigins7_DalemomofmonstersShakutty_1027santo_chris97chofisMollySFallonNicole8911310368979fayth 37 votes
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