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Timed boosters again!?!?!

Beauty1 Posts: 39 Level 2

Oh no! Yesterday I started getting timed boosters again on my Daily Calendar. I thought we’d voiced our distaste for this feature last year and you’d eliminated it. Why on earth did you bring it back? You’ve made other good improvements to the game , so I can’t understand why go backwards?


  • Freddy_
    Freddy_ Posts: 68,477 Crushing Legend

    @Beauty1 Some people prefer one way other not so this is a hard thing to please everyone. I actually prefer the timed boosters as tend not to use as many of my stored ones. ,but we are all different so hard to find a happy medium

  • Pitty_Kitty
    Pitty_Kitty Posts: 11,757 Soda Moderator
    edited June 2020

    well, the switch hand disappeared from the 7th boosters of treat calendar yesterday. Its presence was certainly appreciated. I guess treat calender is undergoing some test changes

  • kiara_wael
    kiara_wael Posts: 131,725 Candy Moderator

    Hi @Beauty1 . Welcome to our Community

    Me too get timed booster in Treat Callender since yesterday

    Winning a timed booster means that you can use it many times in levels until the timer expires. It’s a great way to get even more use out of your booster win! Another benefit is, a timed booster isn't lost if you fail the level attempt.

    Events and challenges which offer timed booster wins will always deliver at the end of the event, or your achievement.

  • aijaziqbal
    aijaziqbal Posts: 8,884 Sweet Legend

    Hi @Beauty1 .

    Welcome to the community. Different players have different taste. Personally i did plan my whole episode around one hour timed boosters. So keeping in view the demand timed boosters are still there.

  • wykoon
    wykoon Posts: 12,678 Community Hub Moderator

    Hi there @Beauty1 I wish we could trade 😊 I totally understand how you feel when you're almost out lives and boom, timed booster which you may not be able to fully utilise if you need to wait for your lives to restore. When it did, you probably only manage to use it once or twice depend on whether your stuck at an easy or hard level.

    Been there 😅 I personally like this booster if the timing is right and when I have full 5 lives. In the end, we just have to bear with the features available to us because we might not have it again since it's a test feature.

    Have fun leveling 😊🍭

  • Sukanta_Biswas
    Sukanta_Biswas Posts: 24,932 Candy Moderator

    Game Studio is always working to improve the game and they are trying to test some features in different ways. Although I'm not sure if it was a test or a temporary problem so I want to know the exact reason from my team.😊

    Are you still getting time boosters?

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