[Finished] 🌟🌟 Let's continue with... the story of Misty! Help us creating a great story!

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Dear community,

On behalf of our amazing Superstars team, we'd like to invite you to participate in a new Story contest! 🙌 (Thank you @Elsa for your idea!)

🌟🌟 Let's continue the story of Misty! 🌟🌟

" There once was a unicorn named Misty. She was proudly wearing her horn on the day that “The Great Scramble” happened, but it fell off during all the commotion. She knows it’s around somewhere, but doesn’t know exactly where. Adorned with temporary horns usually found by Tiffi, Misty accompanies her companions through their Candy matching adventures, intent on finding her horn along the way. Little does Misty suspect though that the Bubblegum Troll actually found the horn on the day of “The Great Scramble.” He just picked it up and socked it away in his bubblegum pocket. He has it on his special vanity shelf in his cave under the bridge where he occasionally puts it on his head and imagines himself in all kinds of fashionable poses.



➡️ How does the story go on?! Let’s create a new Misty story together!

  • Participate in this contest by continuing the story from the message above yours.
  • Post one sentence (20 words max) in order for your submission to be eligible and make sure it’s relevant to the previous comment.
  • You are welcome to post as many times as you wish, but never consecutively (you need to wait for someone else to post before you can post again).

🏆 Prizes: 3 winners will be randomly selected from those players who submitted an eligible reply with the correct answer, and 20 gold bars will be added to their Candy Crush Saga account!

🗓️ Dates: You will be able to participate until July 23rd ( 11:00 CEST ).

Terms and Conditions here

Good luck everyone and happy crushing!! 🍬 🍬

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