Am I the only one who hate getting super sugar crush?

iceboxicebox Posts: 4 Newbie

You are trying to get 3 stars score and finish the board with a lot of color bombs and striped and wrapped booster.

And then you are so unlycky to go get super sugar crush.

And the good scores you were hoping to get goes down the drain and you end up with a much worse score than you would hav gotten without the super sugar crush.


  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 3,345 Level 5
    edited July 2020

    Hey there, welcome.

    Those are the breaks sometimes.

    Perhaps ya try that level again, get that (high score) outcome ya looking for.

    Have fun, best of luck...

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  • Radiant123Radiant123 Posts: 410 Level 3

    I try to pass levels not using all moves.

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