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Tiffi's Beach Games - Week 1: Sandcastle contest!! 🏖️ 🏰



  • pinlock
    pinlock Posts: 64 Level 2

    Probably a good game when your on lower levels but I’m on level 7420 and it’s impossible to pass a level first time..I havnt got a crown yet but the leader on the board has 56...waste of time for me I’m afraid as I have 45 levels to play and I might pass 3 first go if I’m very lucky

  • Marzia333
    Marzia333 Posts: 1,754 Level 4
    edited July 2020
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 15,585 Level 2

    I'm start playing the event now... 🥰


  • Deryck
    Deryck Posts: 1,201 Level 5

    King got rid of Sugar Drops and promised great replacements to come later in the year. Well, it's halfway into the year, and nothing on the same scope of Sugar Drops has arrived in-game.

    I won't be playing Tiffi's Beach quest 'cause I refuse to play new levels ever since King got rid of the board shuffle ability.

    This is King's way to entice players to advance on the map, but guess what? The rewards aren't even worthwhile. Throw in a party popper, gold bar, or 2, and then it might be worth it.

    Till then, I'm not biting.

  • Kazza-3
    Kazza-3 Posts: 219 Level 3

    Also not excited about this. The amount of boosters I’d have to use just to win gold crowns would be ridiculous, & definitely not worth it given the meager rewards.

    I’m lucky to win 2 or 3 gold crowns in a week so not really much point in competing.

    I agree with @Deryck , the opportunity to win gold bars might be more enticing. I have no way to win them in the game at all.

    And yes, this is a very poor replacement for the sugar drops. A lot of these new events we’re getting instead of them are competitions, and for those of us with no $$$ to spend it’s hardly a level playing field.

  • Origins7_Dale
    Origins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑

    *Sorry about that. Reposted from:

    New event! Tiffi's Beach Games: the sweetest challenge of the summer! 🏖️☀️ - Page 3 — King Community

    Hi @Peter_Tornaros@Pounawea & @Diamond Lim,

    Thx for tag @Diamond Lim .

    I had both. Did the "Space Race / Dexter The Whale" on the weekend. Got "Tiffi's Beach Games" today the 29th, before the 45 New Levels were released.

    Now in 1st Place - 45 Golden Crowns. But, if the other players in my group, are not at the end, then I can be easily passed by them.

    Tiffi's Beach Games - Showed Up On 7/29/2020 (Before 45 New Levels Released!) 1st - 45 Golden Crowns - Candy Crush Saga - Origins7 Dale

    • Week 1: Sandcastle Contest *1st - 45 Golden Crowns!

    What I don't understand, is why are there 2 - 2nd places, & 2 - 3rd places? Perhaps, @Pounawea can clarify on this?

    Well, have to wait till Aug. 3rd, to see if this holds up, or if I am going to get a reward or not.

    Also, I use "Win 10 Pro PC - Desktop App", don't use wifi or wifi devices on gaming.

    • Candy Crush Saga

    My Current Map Level 7551 (Finished Level 7550) 12th x On 7/29/2020!

    Take Care - Origins7 Dale, 😀

    My Player / User ID: 9815076088 


  • Pansel89
    Pansel89 Posts: 11 Level 2

    Can anyone tell me how can I get that golden crown in tiffins beach game@

  • sandragavigan
    sandragavigan Posts: 3 Newbie
  • me6412
    me6412 Posts: 9,557 Pro Player 👑

    Your starting off better than I did way to go @Nix66 , nice photo of you too in your screen shot, you definitely have nothing to be a shamed of or need to hide beautiful face and terrific smile my friend keep Crushing it and building that Sand Castle! Hope you get the biggest rewards for the group your playing with I have some big time players in my group like the one's waiting on new level's to be made and others on like level 7115 and 7019 and 6999 like them kinda players but I beat them in the weekly races in the last 6 weeks I won 5 not too bad but it's getting harder but I see on your wall you are way ahead of me too glad I am not playing against you ! Haha Haha. Your real good at CCS !

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