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where are my lives

MunsterMunster Posts: 77 Level 2

I'm not getting lives nor can I send lives out... it's been a couple of weeks now ... worse part is I had lives accumulated but when I log off and come back, all the lives are gone!!


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  • aijaziqbalaijaziqbal Posts: 8,721 Candy Moderator

    Hi and welcome to our wonderful king community @Munster ,

    Lives are actually stored on the device and not in the game application so Lives can occasionally be lost with an update of the game, when the game crashes, after clearing the cache on the browser you play on or clearing the cache in the mobile app. 

    Lives are game messages. Some of these may get stuck in the system and arrive with a delay, doesn’t reach certain devices or platforms, or simply, do not arrive at all.

    It also affects the game play so we always advise not to store too many lives in your system.


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