Weekly race vs Fantastic 5 players

jeanpsjeanps Posts: 16,050 Level 5

In recent times, I've noticed that when I get to join a weekly 'race' (usually on a Thursday) the leading players have already passed over 200 levels. Well done them! But since I have a maximum of 45 levels per week, it's a bit of a 'no contest' for me. Not to worry.

However, I never seem to run into these high level players in my Fantastic 5 teams, where I regularly seem to be contributing 80% + of the total score.

How nice it would be to meet with a few of the these high rolling Weekly race players in my Fantastic 5 team (where many of the 'players' don't actually seem to play at all!)

Anyone else have the same experience I wonder?


  • pgagnepgagne Posts: 194 Level 3

    I totally agree. Where O Where are they? I'm the only one adding score to my team also. 3 are zero, the other has 50 in past 3 days. Beginning to think they've gone to custom teams, leaving Avatar surplus. Any type of team, that I know of, has communication amongst them, that includes families. Can't be dysfunctional without communication. Those folk, the high scorer's, must be wth really new players to sucker us into a "TEAM" that doesn't really exist. All by myself, as the song goes.

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  • mint_aeromint_aero Posts: 206 Level 3

    I could have written the above post! But my F5 has been stuck on 00 timer and remains to do so. Do I miss it? No! Waste of energy being frustrating with above mentioned scenarios.

    Regarding weekly race @jeanps if its possible connect to FB that way you will compete with friends that play CC so you may have a bette chance at the race.

  • jeanpsjeanps Posts: 16,050 Level 5

    Thanks @mint_aero and @pgagne

    Nice to meet like minds! Totally agree about not getting frustrated with the minor details of a game. I'm not a FB player, so I think the opportunities to link up with a team don't exist for me.

    Anyway, I consider my play as my 'contemplative meditation' so I really don't need anyone else!!!

    However, I must say that the most recent levels do seem to be tending towards 'hit and hope' rather that requiring strategic intent. They certainly have helped to fine tune my patience and persistence!

    Have a great day

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