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👑 👑 The Masters of Master Trophies! Who's the one in the CCS Community?



  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,605 Level 4
  • Tasty_CakeTasty_Cake Posts: 2,577 Level 4

    Here is mines @Origins7_Dale☺️☺️♥️♥️♥️

  • Princess_lovelyPrincess_lovely Posts: 3,357 Level 4

    Master Title:


  • PounaweaPounawea Posts: 4,519 Community Manager
    Dear Candy Crushers,

    It is great to see how the Master Trophies counter is growing! Let's keep crushing and having fun!

    Who's the Master of Master Trophies?! 🙌 🏅

    ➡️ How many Master Trophies do you have today?

    Share a screenshot like the one 👇 in the comments below and let us know!!

    By the way, once again, thank you very much @Origins7_Dale for updating the Community Rankings!

    Have a delicious day and happy crushing everyone! 🍬🍬

  • Origins7_DaleOrigins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑
    edited January 2021

    • *Part 1 - Announcements & Tips!

    Hi @Pounawea & The Master Trophies Group,

    Sorry on the delay. But think in the future, either I will be updating 1x a month or less. Been sick, & have lots of personal things to catch up on. If anyone wants to do these updates, let me know.

    I will give *Pages on previous posts, that have info for you, like *Player References!

    • Pages 7 & 8 & 11 & 13 & 16 & 18 & 21 & 22 & 26 & 27 & 28 & 29 & 33 & 40 & 41.


    • Tips On "Master Trophies List"!

    • So you can have the "Master Trophies List" on both wifi & desktop. 
    • It may come as a test feature & leave or remain. 
    • If you do not have the "Master Trophies List" yet on your "Device". Then switch up. If on PC, go to wifi. If on wifi, go to PC. Never know what might show up. No guarantees you will get it, but it should increase your percentages on it, along with any "New" features or "Mini / Side Games" that may be released. Should direct connect your "Device" to your PC. Much better connection, or just use your PC. Be sure to "Sync" up "ALL" devices.
    • 15 Levels = 1 Episode. However, it seems to be no longer necessary, on some groups to do all 15 Levels / 1 Episode for the "Diamond Trophy". Meaning "Sugar Stars" only! *Important Note - This has changed. *See top of *Page 27. On completed Episodes done, the player cannot go back to do "Sugar Stars", at this time! For those of you who can go back, take advantage of this, while you can. The player will need to make a decision within the Episode, on any Level lost, on attempting to win it with "Sugar Stars", or lose the opportunity, once you leave or "Completed" the 15 Level Episode.
    • Levels of Sugar Stars done, are "Adjusted Retrospectively" or "Accumulative"!
    • "Trophies" - Consist of both "Golden Crowns" & "Sugar Stars"! *See Post by @Pitty_Kitty@Pitty_Kitty on *Page 7
    • So should continue doing them. Only need to win the level for the 1st time for a "Golden Crown". Do not have to do both "Golden Crowns" & "Sugar Stars" on the same level, to get "Trophy". However, you do need all 15 Levels done with one or both. Meaning, if you do not pass the level on the 1st attempt, then need to replay that level & win it with "Sugar Stars". This gives you a 2nd chance at it, within the 15 Level / Episode you are on at that time. I am mainly speaking on the "Diamond Trophy", each "Trophy" has its own level requirements.
    • The player cannot earn Sugar Stars before Level 51. *There are exceptions to this. A player on a older "Android Phone 4.1". Other players have posted going back before level 51, but this was sometime ago.
    • Use "Facebook", get "Free Lives" from friends this way. Be sure your accounts are "Synced" up. You will need them on replaying levels for "Sugar Stars".
    • I recommend you go to "Facebook", add everyone on your "Facebook Friends List", who has a "Candy Crush Logo or Avatar". You will get many "Lives" doing this. I went from 30 to 1000 Lives very quickly. I send & get "Lives" every day.
    • "Sugar Stars" are not just pretty to look at. They also help you on "(F5) Fantastic 5 Teams", you get more points with them, getting to the "Team Rewards" faster. If you are on a "Public Team", recommend you join a "F5 Team" that is a "Private / Customized Team", meaning they are more active, understand the value of getting boosters, for doing higher levels, etc...

    • Other Tips By The Players

    • Be sure to see the 2 posts on *Page 30 by @DieOmimi. Seems turning features "On / Off", might get your "Diamond Trophy" counted for you.
    • Also, @rajdeeptb has suggested go get your "Sugar Stars" first, before you *Update your "Device".

    • Master Trophies Rewards List - Candy Crush Saga

    See *Page 41, *Part 2 - Info & Scores!

    Thx Origins7 Dale, 😀


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